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This time this year.

This time this year.

It's difficult to want to take care of ourselves by eating right and getting exercise and sleep. It's easier to treat ourselves even if that means sacrificing our health.  Don't get me wrong, we deserve to the break but maybe we can have both - good things that are also an indulgence. Enter yours truly. Coco, Bee & Nut is a treat in itself. And even if you need that scoop of ice cream, sprinkle us on top! Pumpkin pie season is here, and we go great with that too!
Whipped Lemon Tarts Recipe

Whipped Lemon Tarts Recipe

It's a humid summer Friday evening, and you want a sweet, refreshing, and crunchy treat. But you're also wanting comfort because you've been quarantining and watching the news. Enter, these tarts.
Twin Cities Live Shout Out

Twin Cities Live Shout Out

"Coco, Bee & Nut is a grain free granola that will help you snack healthy! Mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit, wildflower honey and organic coconut oil make up the base. Then amazing blends of spices are added to give it a unique flavor!"