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Best granola on the market hands down!

Derek M.

I have had this on my yogurt every single day for one year! It is the best!

M. Johnson

This is the Best granola I’ve ever tasted! I have celiac and need to be gluten free, oat free. This is the first granola I’ve been able to eat in over two years. I’ve been buying it at the grocery store but checked Amazon as I can’t imagine losing my access to it. I have it with yogurt and grapes twice a day ( breakfast and snack). Wonderfully tasty and healthy!

Amazon Customer

This is coming from a person who does not like conventional granola. Coco, Bee & Nut is so delicious in every flavor, is a nutritious and natural snack, and is also extremely versatile in recipes!

I recently roasted a batch of brussel sprouts with this as a topping and it complimented the brussel sprouts perfectly. Normal granola does not work as a savory food accompaniment, but this does!

Additionally, the fact that 10% of sales go to people in need locally and grobally is a reason why I tell everyone to buy this granola.

Mary K. Ross, customer

I will forever love your granola!

Carah O.

The order arrived quickly. This is the most delicious granola and it is gluten free! Love it.

Connie, June 2020

'Tried out this new, wholesome tasty treat. You can have as a snack, put on your salad or have as your morning cereal with yogurt like I did. I imagine it would be a great addition to any entrée like salmon or chicken. Yummy! Thanks so much, CBN!

Kian D., customer

Oh my goodness this granola is life. I’ve been adding it to my greeek morning every morning and can officially say I won’t be able to live without it. The Cardamom Rasin is my favorite. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Trista, customer

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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Granola

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Recipe for the Week: Spring Salad

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