2022 is looking...

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Welcome to another year of life; another year of chances, opportunities, & experiences!

Coco, Bee & Nut has been making granola for SIX years! Wow, how time has flown. It's amazing how the little frustrations of starting a business, taking the next step, growing, taking a step back, pivoting....it all melds into one globule of time, and then feels like it was a piece of cake.

Now we're here. After two years of this pandemic, going into our third, we are getting through it! We all deserve a pat on the back for living life differently for this long.

I just wanted to say in this blog post: Thank you and good job. 

I may not know you, but the world has been going through the same thing together and in a way we can sympathize with each other like never before. No matter where you are or exactly what you're going through, but I'm rooting for ya.

Much love,

Kathryn, Purveyor of Granola (POG)

Photo credit: Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

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