Be Kind

Photo by Kyle Ryan on Unsplash

I was looking for a photo for this post that would encapsulate how I'm feeling at this stage of the novel COVID pandemic. Those last two words, "be kind", really stuck out to me. It's so easy to think about things going back to normal and keeping ourselves safe, but being kind? I feel like that phrase is always an after thought.  What does that mean? Be kind? I take walks with a mask on and pass others(six feet away) with masks on and it's very rare that we actually still greet each other. Up here in Minnesota, I feel like saying "hi" is just something you do. And I'm glad it's just something we do. I hope we can get back to it while hiding our faces. At least we still have our eyes to make that connection. It's something we all need right now, more than ever. If you see someone while you're walking I challenge you to invade their six feet of space with kind eyes and say "hello". Maybe it will be me out there, and it will make my day.

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