SunsetPhoto by Dominik Dancs on Unsplash

Ideas for how to spend your time outside during Covid: Drive towards each day's sunset for a week straight and take a photo. Sunsets are one of those things that are beautiful because they're different everytime, and there's no repeating the same one. In the days of monotony at home, shake things up after a long day at the desk and seek out this ever-changing phenomenon that most of us miss out on on a regular basis. Plus, you don't even necesarily have to leave your car to see it  ;)

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  • When I was 6 my Grandfather took me for a ride on his Tennessee walker Star. We rode up top a hill and we sat and watched a beautiful sunset. Maybe the first I’d seen completely. I remember I asked him to do it again. He hugged me and said “We can’t “ God made that one, he’ll make one tomorrow. My grandfather died the next day of a heat attack. Sunsets are always important to me.


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