from a young age, P.O.G (purveyor of granola) kathryn nelson, loved experimenting with food; making "green goulash" out of whatever was in the kitchen cupboards. in college, she learned the art and enjoyment of making granola, whilst working at a small coffee shop in st.paul, mn. years later, when a friend was looking for a lower-carb alternative to cereal for breakfast, coco, bee & nut was born.
at coco, bee & nut, our conviction to help others and promote healthy, whole food-focused living is at the heart of everything we do. our granola has a base of wholesome mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit, wildflower honey and organic coconut oil, all blended together with various spices that make up each flavor. not that we oppose oats, but we make our granola without them to give you one of the heartiest breakfasts, snacks, and oatmeal add-ons around. we pride ourselves on using all natural, non-GMO ingredients. it's our way to give your health back to you.
10% of all sales heads DIRECTLY to people in need of life resource assistance. please see our HUMANITY page for more information.