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Betty, mother of 4 in Kampala, UgandaMeet Betty:
the mother of four beautiful children living in Kampala, Uganda. There's Moureen, who is at the top of her high school class 
Gideon and Christian, two very bright grade school boys,
 and Stacy, the newest addition to the family. Stacy's mother (Betty's sister) fell victim to AIDS, and tragically passed away in fall 2016. Stacy is a first year university student in Mombasa, Kenya.

We met Betty in February 2016 whilst on a trip to Kampala, Uganda. She had taken part-time work cleaning rooms at the place we were staying. We immediately picked up on her strong work ethic; very thorough and caring about our comfort in a place much nicer than her own. as we got to know her, she invited us to her home: a humble cement couple of rooms in a slum, with a single(very rustic) outdoor community bathroom and shower stall shared by at least 100 people.
To make ends meet Betty sells second-hand clothing and makes jewelry and candles, packaging them expertly. however, a set of 8 candles sells for only 70 cents apiece. 'not enough for this single mother of 4!
In Uganda, if you want to have a future, a good education is a must. However, the only way to get a good education is to attend a private school, which is very expensive; too much for a single mother who has lacked the opportunity to have that experience herself.  With the next term of school quickly approaching, coco, bee & nut offered to cover all four children's school fees to help Betty get on her feet and give her children a future!   
Below are the school bills for Gideon and Christian.